Laboratory Tables / Lab Workbenches

Laboratory Tables / Lab Workbenches

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Our Laboratory Tables are proudly manufactured in theUSA

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  • LF-102P-ISO-8-01InfoSelect options

    Table ModelLF-102P-ISO– Vibration Isolation Vertical Laminar Flow HEPA Workstations

  • LF-102P-SHROUD-01InfoSelect options

    Table ModelLF-102P– Vertical Laminar Flow HEPA Workstations

  • LFH-102P-4InfoSelect options

    Table ModelLFH-102P– Horizontal Laminar Flow HEPA Workstations

  • LFH-102PE-6-01InfoSelect options

    Table ModelLFH-102PE– Economy Horizontal Laminar Flow HEPA Workstations

  • RDM-Li-107P-45-01InfoSelect options

    Table ModelLi-107P-CNR45– L-Shaped Adjustable Height i-Frame Table with Chamfered Front Corner

  • Cantilevered Shelf TableInfoSelect options

    Table ModelLM-110P– Dual Heavy-Duty Cantilevered Adjustable Tops Workbench

  • InfoSelect options

    Table ModelLS-106P– C-Frame Recessed Legs with Double Adjustable Upper Shelves

  • LT-100P-LARGE-01InfoSelect options

    Table ModelLT-100P– Tilting Illuminated Light Panel / Inspection Table

  • InfoSelect options

    Table ModelPS-109P– Pedestal Table Style Workstation

  • RA-109P-DBLRISER-01InfoSelect options

    Table ModelRA-109P– RDM Standard Benchtop Riser (Add-On Upper Shelf)

  • Double-Sided Workbench T-101PInfoSelect options

    Table ModelT-101P– Double-Sided Workbench with Adjustable Tops & Upper Shelves

  • Double-Sided Workbench T-101P-CSTR-GREY01InfoSelect options

    Table ModelTi-101P– Double-Sided Workbench with Hydraulic Lift & Adjustable Upper Shelves

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