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Cleanroom Carts

RDM Cleanroom Carts are made to satisfy the strictest clean room standards, ranging in designs for Class 100 up to Class 1.  RDM Class 100 Cleanroom Carts are manufactured to minimize particulates that could shed into the environment, reducing the possibility of contamination to your experiments or products.  RDM Stainless Steel Cleanroom Carts are manufactured to satify several levels of the highest cleanliness needs, ranging from Class 10 up to Class 1, using a Highly-Smooth Electropolished finish for the latter.

Cleanroom Cart design construction aims to eliminate dust-collecting areas, with sealed or fully-welded tube steel connections.  Laminated wood tops may be used for Class 10,000 through 100, as long as the wood core material is completely sealed from being exposed.  RDM uses a phenolic backing material to achieve this.  All other top materials used are Stainless Steel, Solid Plastic Panels, Solid Phenolic, or Epoxy Resin.  Perforated Stainless Steel Tops are available as an option and should be used in Class 10 or higher applications.


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