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Industrial Carts

Factory-Direct / Industrial-Quality / Quality-Designed

Our Industrial Carts are proudly manufactured in the USA

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NOTE: Custom Cart Solutions Available Upon Request…

  • RDM Lift tablesInfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-107P-SS-PTCSTR – Stainless Steel Cart w/ Hydraulic Lift & Part-Time Casters

  • MC-101P-LOW-01InfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-101P-LOW
    – Our Basic Low-Frame Cart

  • RDM-MC-103PLDS-TECH-01InfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-103PL/DS-TECH – Tech Style Cart w/ Double Adjustable Upper Shelves

  • MC-107P-FTCSTR-01InfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-107P-FTCSTR – Hydraulic Flat Top Lift Cart w/ Full-Time Casters

  • MC-107P-HYD12E-PTCSTR-LWRFUL-01InfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-107P-PTCSTR – Hydraulic Flat Top Ergo Cart with Part-Time Casters

  • InfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-109P-ADJSHLVS
    – Industrial Duty Adjustable Shelving Cart…

  • RDM-MC-109P-BOOM-HDTB-02InfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-109P-BOOM
    – Mobile Cart with Overhead Cantilevered Boom

  • InfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-109P-HD
    – Heavy Duty Utility Cart

  • RDM-MC-109P-SS-LAB-01InfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-109P-SS-LAB
    – Stainless Steel Laboratory Cart

  • MC-109P-SS-PERF-01InfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-109P-SS-PERF
    – Stainless Steel Carts with Perforated Top

  • InfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-109P-SS
    – Stainless Steel Tube Frame Carts

  • RDM-MC-109P-SSTOP-CONT-01InfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-109P-SSTOP-CONT
    – Cart with Stainless Steel Containment Curb Top

  • MC-PR-110HP-HD1x2InfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-PR-110HP – Horizontal Panel Rack Carts…

  • MC-PR-111VPInfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-PR-111VP
    – Vertical Panel Rack Carts…

  • MC-SH-104P-4DECK-SS-01InfoSelect options

    Cart Model MC-SH-104P-4DECK-SS
    – Cleanroom Wafer Transport Cart

  • MS-102P-BINPEG-01-MULTInfoSelect options

    Cart Model MS-102P-BIN-PEG
    – Storage Bin / Peg Board Carts

  • MC-RH-101P-01InfoSelect options

    Cart Model RH-101P-DS
    – Double Sided Roll Holder…

  • RH-111P-DS-GREY-01InfoSelect options

    Cart Model RH-111P-DS
    – Double Sided Roll Holder…

  • RSH-109P-ADJ-BLUE-01InfoSelect options

    Shelving RSH-109P-ADJ
    – Industrial Duty Adjustable Shelving Units


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Industrial-Duty Cart for Commercial / Heavy-Duty Use

RDM offers a wide array of industrial cart options to service many industries, including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Semiconductor, Military, Food & Service, Distribution, and Many More…

For over 40 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the Best Quality Products.  Focusing on Quality First, we strive to create solutions that will endure the test of time in some of the harshest commercial environments.  Evolving over time, with feedback provided from our clients, our product line is forever improving and expanding.


Different Cart Designs to Choose From

Our Industrial Carts do not only bring durability, but usability as well. In fact, we have different Cart Designs packed with various features—for added efficiency.

Here are some examples:

  • Cleanroom Carts
  • ESD / Static Control Carts
  • Heavy-Duty Carts
  • Industrial Carts
  • Laboratory Carts
  • Panel Rack Carts
  • Roll Storage Carts
  • Stainless Steel Carts
  • Table Carts
  • Tool & Hardware Carts
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We also offer a wide range of Tables & Workstations…