Table Model F-103P-WD – Wood Frame Tech Style Workbench

– Tech Style Wood Frame Workbench w/ Overhead Shelf (Wood Tech Bench)…
– Great for Industrial & Laboratory Uses, Including Optional Non-Ferrous & Non-Magnetic Construction for MRI Tables, Optical Tables, Etc.

This Unit shown with Optional Features:
– Under-Shelf Lamp & Melamine File / Utility Drawers

Standard Table Features…

  • Wood Frame Tech Style Workbench – Designed for Heavy-Duty or Long-Term Usage
    • Overhead Shelf for Added Surface Space / Storage
    • Wood Frame Tables are more durable than the typical wood frame laboratory tables.
    • Optional Non-Ferrous (No Iron Fe) Construction features allow tables to be used as MRI Tables, Optical Tables, Etc.
    • Optional Non Metallic Table (No Metals of Any Type) Construction also available.
  • Sealed Clear Finish (Paint Colors Available)
  • Can be custom built to accommodate any special needs…
  • Other Styles Available – See Our Wood Frame Tables page…
  • Standard Sizes:
    • We are the manufacturer – Feel free to specify your custom dimension requirements below or choose from the following…
    • “A” – 48″, 60″, 72″ & 96″ Width (Right-to-Left)
    • “B” – 30″ & 36″ Depth (Front-to-Back)
    • “C” – 30″ (Sitting “Desk” Height), 34″ (ADA/Accessible Height), 36″ (Standing Tasks)
    • “D” – 12″ to 18″ Shelf Depth
    • “E” – 18″ to 24″ (Add 5″ to your under-shelf clearance requirement)
  • Adjustable Leveling Feet.  Casters available as option – See below…
  • Many Top Options to Choose From, Including Plastic Laminate, Chemical Resistant, ESD / Static-Control, Solid Surface, Solid Wood (Butcher Block), Stainless Steel, and More…
  • Optional Workstation Accessories:
    • Flat Monitor Stand & Keyboard Tray
    • Fixed or Articulating Bin Panel / Bin Rails
    • Utility & File Drawers
    • Storage Cabinets
    • Power Outlet Strip(s)
    • Tool Trolley w/ Balancer(s)
    • …and many more – please see below…

This model is part of the RDM Industrial Workbenches standard models.


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