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Our Laminar Flow Workstations are Top QualityIndustrial Duty !!


These units are manufactured to endure almost any environment. These workstations feature HEPA filters that are 99.99% efficient on 0.3 micron particles (ULPA grade filters are available as an option). They can be customized to fit applications ranging in use for medical facilities, electronics / semiconductor industries and many more…

Is a Laminar Flow Workstation Right for Me ??  (See Notes Below to Find Out)

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  • OVERSTOCK Laminar Flow WorkstationInfoSelect options

    OVERSTOCK UnitLF-102P-4-FC-CSTRS-STOCK – RDM Laminar Flow Workbench
    – 53″ X 30″ X 36″ High Work Surface

  • OVERSTOCK Laminar Flow WorkstationInfoSelect options

    OVERSTOCK UnitLF-102P-8-SSTOP-M25090 – RDM Laminar Flow Workbench
    – 101″ X 30″ X 34″ High

  • LF-102P-B-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model LF-102P-B – BenchTop Vertical Laminar Flow HEPA Workstation

  • LF-102P-ISO-8-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model LF-102P-ISO – Vibration Isolation Vertical Laminar Flow HEPA Workstations

  • LF-102P-SHROUD-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model LF-102P – Vertical Laminar Flow HEPA Workstations

  • LFH-102P-4InfoSelect options

    Table Model LFH-102P – Horizontal Laminar Flow HEPA Workstations

  • LFH-102PE-6-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model LFH-102PE – Economy Horizontal Laminar Flow HEPA Workstations

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Is a Laminar Flow Workstation Right for Me ??

Laminar Flow Workstations, also called Clean Air HEPA Workstations are deigned to provide you with a supply of clean air over your work surface, creating a POSITIVE PRESSUREenvironment inside of the work area which keeps contaminants out.  A few good examples of applications that utilize a Laminar Flow Workstation are circuit board manufacturers, glass tube manufacturers, and medical device manufacturers where they are all working to keep dust particles or other foreign particles out of the assembly area.

Laminar Flow Workstations ARE NOT designed for Air Exhaust Applications where you may need to exhaust harmful chemical vapors.  You would need one of our Exhaust Fume Hood Units for these types of applications.  Exhaust Fume Hoods work to provide a NEGATIVE PRESSURE work area that works to take harmful chemical vapors out of the work environment.

For Fume Hoods, depending upon the types of chemicals you are using, additional air handling units may be required, such as Air Scrubbers, that work to process the harmful vapors before releasing into the outdoor air.  Please see our Fume Hoods web page.

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– Totally Customizable –

Laminar Flow Workstations for Greater Functionality and Efficiency

If you’re looking for laminar flow workstations that can bring you the needed features and specifications—then contact RDM.

Our workstations have been designed with efficiency in mind. That is why we have made it a point to ensure that every one of them complies with the needed standards, in order to provide a better and safer working environment for users.

Here are some of the notable benefits of using RDM’s laminar air flow hoods:

What We Offer

Our laminar air flow workstations are equipped with HEPA filters, with an efficiency rate of 99.99% on 0.3 micron particles.

We also provide ULPA grade filters as another option for those who prefer this system for their workstations. If you have special requirements, we’ll be glad to provide customized options in order to address such needs.


RDM’s laminar flow hoods and workstations can be used for a variety of applications, including those belonging in the electronics industry, medical facilities, semiconductor industry, circuit board manufacturing, glass tube manufacturing, medical device manufacturing and other related fields.

Different Options to Choose From

We offer a wide array of laminar flow workstations, including horizontal and vertical laminar flow hoods and other options.

Please take a look at the following:

  • Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation with Removable Work Surface (standard)
  • Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation (Available in Different Sizes & May be Customized)
  • Horizontal Laminar Flow Workstation
  • 30×30 Custom Full Enclosure Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation
  • Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation with Removable Top (standard) and Full Lower Shelf
  • Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation with Removable Work Surface (standard) Shown w/ Optional Cleanroom Shroud
  • Related Flow Hood Options.

Through the help of our flow bench and laminar flow workstations, you’ll be able to have a constant supply of clean air in your work area.

Please note that our workstations have been specifically designed to ensure that no contaminants will negatively affect your work area. Our manufacturing procedures and standards have been set to guarantee safety and efficiency to users—and you can rest assured that we will do what it takes to keep that guarantee.

So, do you need laminar flow workstations for greater functionality and efficiency? Call RDM. We’ll be more than glad to help.

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Industrial Furniture Lift Table w/ Hand Crank & Casters
Lift Table with Solid Maple Top
Industrial Furniture Stainless Steel Lift Table w/ Hand Crank
Aluminum Frame Lift Tables


– Many More Table Styles Available –
Ergonomic Lift Table with Tilting Top
Ergonomic Lift Table with Tilting Top and Overhead Light
Industrial Furniture Workbench with Overhead Boom, Bin Panel, White Board, Drawers and Tack Board
Ergonomic Lift Table with Overhead Accessory Boom


Visit our Main Tables / Workstations Where you can Select a Specific Style of Table and add Lift Capability as an Option.

– Totally “Customizable” –