Illuminated Table Top Light Tables / Inspection Tables

Light Tables / Inspection Tables

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Our Light Inspection Tables are proudly manufactured in theUSA

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  • A-107P-LT-TILT-01 Tilt Top Light TableInfoSelect options

    Table ModelA-107P-LT-TILT– Adjustable Height Tilt Top Light Table

  • A-109P-LTInfoSelect options

    Table ModelA-109P-LT– Illuminated Top Light Tables / Inspection Table

  • RDM-A-109PDL-01InfoSelect options

    Table ModelA-109PDL– RDM Flat-Top Table with Centered Light Boom

  • F-103PDL-LT-TILT-90-01 Tilt Top Light TableInfoSelect options

    Table ModelF-103PDL-LT-TILT– Tilt Top Light Table w/ Overhead Light Boom

  • F-103PDL-LTInfoSelect options

    Table ModelF-103PDL-LT– Illuminated Top Light Table w/ Overhead Boom

  • InfoSelect options

    Table ModelF-103PDL– Workbench with Overhead Utility / Light Boom

  • InfoSelect options

    Table ModelH-105P– Large Inspection Workbench with Overhead Light / Utility Boom

  • LT-100P-LARGE-01InfoSelect options

    Table ModelLT-100P– Tilting Illuminated Light Panel / Inspection Table


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We Also Design / Build Custom Units !!!!!

To get any serious job done in the workplace, you need the proper space to avoid clutter and confusion. However, finding that furniture isn’t always so easy, and you end up spending much more than you bargained for on a bad item. Luckily, with RDM Industrial Products, this will never happen to anyone.

We offer an extensive selection of laboratory tables, tilting light tables and industrial workbenches that are worth every dollar. RDM Industrial Products only buys its inventory from companies that are known for their reliability and affordability, which is how we’re able to offer the best products out there for a price that is low and competitive.

With that being said, our staff is here to help you customize the best furniture for your space, giving you the ability to mold any product to your liking. That way, you’ll leave knowing you bought something worth paying for. That’s what RDM Industrial Products are all about.

For more information on our light tables, panels and industrial workbenches, contact us today!