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Ball Transfer Work Surface

(Provides cost-effective / ergonomic benefits to your Material Handling Product Line(s))

– Transfer Top –
Pop-up Ball Transfer Surface – Partial Install
Ball Transfer Plastic Laminated Workbech Top
– Transfer Top –
Combination Insert Roller Surface with Pop-up Balls
Ball Transfer Plastic Laminated Workbech Top


Transfer Top – Sample Assembly Line Configuration
Using Combination Fixed Insert Rollers & Pneumatic Pop-up Ball System

(1) Product enters from left side and moves across a series of insert rollers located at the back side of work surface.  See illustration below…
(2) Notice the ability to queue product on the work surface between adjacent table tops.  Rollers are spaced according to size and weight of product.
(3) Pneumatic Pop-up ball transfers are raised by the operator, allowing the product to be moved forward.  System is activated with toggle switch or foot peddle or both.

Ball Transfer Plastic Laminated Workbech Top

Ball Transfer Plastic Laminated Workbech Top(4) The product can be rotated while the pneumatic pop-up ball transfers are raised.  (Ideal for heavy products)
(5) Product is stopped by lowering the pop-up balls, allowing the operator to perform necessary task(s).
(6) The procedure is reversed to move the product on its way…


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