Table Model i-107P-MICRO – Vibration-Resistant Adjustable Height Microscope Table

Adjustable Height Microscope Table.

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Standard Table Features…

  • Ergonomic Microscope Table with Height Adjustability
    • Hydraulic-Assisted Height Adjustment w/ Electric Motor or Hand Crank
      • 1,000 pound capacity – 4 Leg Unit (Less Weight of Top)
      • Switch for Electric Motor Unit can be positioned anywhere on the unit…
      • Hand Crank is mounted below work surface (Front or Side)
    • Manually-Adjusted Height Option w/ Leg Pins – See Table Model A-109P
    • Vibration Damping Levelers
  • Other Styles Available – See Our Adjustable Height Tables  page…
  • Standard Sizes:
    • We are the manufacturer…
    • Feel free to specify your custom dimension requirements below or choose from the following…
    • “A” – 48″, 60″ & 72″ Width (Right-to-Left)
      • Minimum Top/Unit Widths (Required to Accommodate Hydraulic System):
        • Electric Motor Hydraulic System:
          • 12″ Lift – 34″ Min. Width
        • Manual Crank Hydraulic System (Min Depth if Hand Crank located at front of Unit):
          • 12″ Lift – 22″ Min. Width or Depth
    • “B” – 30″ & 36″ Depth (Front-to-Back)
    • “C” – 30″ (Sitting “Desk” Height), 34″ (ADA/Accessible Height), 36″ (Standing Tasks)
  • Durable Steel Top Frame with Telescoping Aluminum Legs & Steel Base Legs
    • Welded Tubular Steel Frame Connections for Non-Adjustable Components
  • Adjustable Leveling Feet.  Casters available as option – See below…
  • See our Cleanroom Workbench Section for Electropolished Stainless Steel Tables…
  • Many Top Options to Choose From, Including Plastic Laminate, Chemical Resistant, ESD / Static-Control, Solid Surface, Solid Wood (Butcher Block), Stainless Steel, and More…

This model is part of the RDM Industrial Workbenches standard models.


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