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Laboratory Tables

RDM Laboratory Tables offer the best bang for your buck. With QUALITY at the top of our list, we make it our goal to design and produce Laboratory Furniture that will last a lifetime of use in some of the harshest laboratory and commercial environments. Our Lab Tables include Welded Tubular Steel Frames – No Bolt-Together Frames that usually loosen over time and become unstable. Top options include Durable Quality Materials like Solid Phenolic, Epoxy Resin, Butcher Block, Heavy-Gauge Stainless Steel, 1.25″ Thick Laminated Panels with Phenolic Backing, and the List Goes On…

Take a look at our wide range of Laboratory Table Styles. If you do not see what you need here, feel free to contact us to request a Custom Solution. We are very flexible and Specialize in Satisfying Custom Table / Laboratory Furniture Needs. Our Sales Team is Here, Ready to Help 🙂

Factory-Direct / Industrial-Quality / Quality-Designed

Our Laboratory Tables are proudly manufactured in the USA

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    Metal Laboratory Cabinets /
    Laboratory Casework & Countertops

  • RDM Stainless Steel CaseworkInfoSelect options

    Stainless Steel Laboratory Cabinets /
    Laboratory Casework & Countertops

  • A-109P-ESD-BLUE-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-ESD – RDM ESD Flat Top Workbench

  • A-109P-WD-ESD-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-WD-ESD – ESD Flat Top Wood Frame Workbench

  • F-103P-ESD-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model F-103P-ESD – Tech Style ESD Workbench with Upper Shelf

  • blankInfoSelect options

    Table Model F-103P-WD-ESD – ESD Wood Frame Tech Style Workbench

  • blankInfoSelect options

    Table Model i-107P-BOOM-ESD – Static Control i-Frame Workbench w/ Overhead Boom

  • blankInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-107P-AL-EXT-B – Aluminum Frame w/ Hydraulic Lift – 6″,8″,10″ & 12″ Lift Range – 1,000 lb cap.

  • A-107P-AL-S-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-107P-AL-EXT-S – Aluminum Frame w/ Hydraulic Lift – 6.10, 7.87, & 11.81″ Lift Ranges – 750 lb cap.

  • RDM-A-107P-CLG-HYD12M-FULLWR-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-107P-CLG – Hydraulic Flat Top Lift Table w/ Center Legs

  • A-107P-HYD12M-FTCSTR-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-107P-FTCSTR – Hydraulic Flat Top Lift Table w/ Full-Time Casters

  • A-107P-LT-TILT-01 Tilt Top Light TableInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-107P-LT-TILT – Adjustable Height Tilt Top Light Table

  • A-107P-HYD12M-PTCSTR-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-107P-PTCSTR – Hydraulic Flat Top Lift Table w/ Part-Time Casters

  • Stainless Steel Ergonomic Lift Table A-107P-SS-CLG-TRESPInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-107P-SS-CLG Stainless Steel Workbench w/ Center Legs & Hydraulic Lift

  • RDM Lift tablesInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-107P-SS Stainless Steel Workbench w/ Hydraulic Lift

  • A-107P-HYD12M-TILT-HYDM-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-107P-TILT – Tilt Top Lift Table

  • A-107P-HYD12E-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-107P – Hydraulic Flat Top Lift Table

  • A-109P-ADA-01 RDM ADA Accessible TableInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-ADA – RDM ADA Workbench

  • blankInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-CLG – Workbench with Center Legs

  • blankInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-CNR – Flat Top Corner Workbench

  • A-109P-CNR45-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-CNR45 – Flat Top 45-Degree Corner Workbench

  • RDM-A-109P-BBLK-CSTRS-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-CSTR – RDM Flat Top Table with Casters

  • Stainless Steel Drain Top Table - Model A-109P-SS-DRAIN-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-DRAIN – RDM Drain Top Workbench

  • RDM-A-109P-DROP-DUAL-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-DROP – RDM Flat Top Table with Drop-Leaf Extensions

  • A-109P-HD-45GSST-CSTRInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-HD – Heavy Duty Flat Top Workbench

  • Laboratory Workbench with sink - A-109P-LAB-CAB-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-LAB-CAB – Laboratory Table with Suspended Steel Cabinet(s)

  • Laboratory Workbench with Suspended Cabinets - A-109P-LAB-PIN-CAB-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-LAB-PIN-CAB – Adjustable-Height Laboratory Table with Suspended Steel Cabinet(s)

  • A-109P-PINInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-LAB-PIN – Adjustable Height Laboratory Table w/ Leg Pins

  • A-109P-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-LAB – RDM Flat Top Laboratory Table

  • A-109P-LTInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-LT – Illuminated Top Light Tables / Inspection Table


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Efficient and Durable Laboratory Tables and Workbenches for Heavy Duty Use

RDM offers an impressive inventory of lab tables that bring the utmost benefits for users.

Each lab table that we manufacture has undergone rigid manufacturing procedures, in order to ensure that they deliver on what our clients need. Combine that with our 37 years experience in the field—plus our dedication to deliver only the best—you can rest assured that you are in good and able hands.

Here are some of the additional details that you might want to know about our laboratory table options and workbenches:

Designed to Last
Our science lab tables and related furniture pieces are designed with high-grade and durable components—in order to ensure long term use, durability and high quality.

RDM’s wood frame tables are significantly more durable and usable compared to the traditional wood frame tables. Our stainless steel tables are made of high-quality steel (with fully welded steel frame connections), assuring users that their tables can actually withstand heavy duty use or other related activities.

Different Features:
With our dedication to provide clients with options that can actually cater to their respective needs, we have added new features to our lab bench and table options. These include our adjustable height microscope tables, stainless steel lift tables, laboratory tables w/ upper shelves, modular table frames with suspended laboratory cabinet units, and many other options.

Custom Made for You
If you have specific lab table features or specifications in mind, then you’d be happy to know that we offer custom-made lab furniture as well.

Remember: We are the manufacturer of our products. Hence, whatever you need, just tell us—and we’ll be more than glad to help you out.

High Quality Furniture, at Very Reasonable Rates
RDM’s goal is to help provide the needed solutions to our clients’ furniture needs. As it is, you can rest assured that we will not only be providing high-quality laboratory benches that will serve your intended purposes—but those that will actually fit your budget as well.

In the end, the choice is all yours. But if you want help—don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be here for you.