O R D E R / Q U O T E   W E B   F O R M

Chemical Resistant Metal Laboratory Cabinets / Laboratory Casework

– Designed to House your Corrosive Materials…


  • Cabinet-within-a-Cabinet Design
  • Fully Welded Interior and Exterior Units
  • Powder-coated Outer Unit & Polyethylene-coated Inner Unit
  • Labels applied on left door at factory, unless otherwise specified
  • Louvers on Doors
  • Removable Back Panel on interior units 24″wide and wider
  • Back side of cabinets have two venting holes with 2″dia. plugs (Vent Kit Optional)
  • Fascia panel above door available as option (as shown in picture above)
  • Single adjustable shelf inside
  • Doors have standard Bar Pulls (2-Door Unit shown above..)
  • Standard Sizes:
    • We are the manufacturer – Feel free to specify your custom dimension requirements above or choose from the following…
    • “A” – 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 52″ & 58″ Width (Right-to-Left)
    • “B” – 18″ Depth (Front-to-Back)  11″ Filler Panels to be installed at rear for utility chase, making overall depth 29″ for use with 30″ deep top.  See above for standard Tall Cabinet depths.
    • “C” – 29″ (for 30″ Sitting “Desk” Height), 32.5″ (for 34″ ADA/Accessible Height), 35″ (for 36″ Standing Tasks)
  • Leveler Feet.
  • Many Top Options to Choose From, Including Plastic Laminate, Chemical Resistant, ESD / Static-Control, Solid Surface, Solid Wood (Butcher Block), Stainless Steel, and More…


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