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Many Surface Options Available:
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Replacement Workbench Tops:

  • Butcher Block (Hardwood Maple)
  • Plastic Laminated Tops
  • ESD Plastic Laminate (Static Dissipative)
  • Cleanroom Tops (Sealed Surfaces)
  • Chemical-Resistant Plastic Laminate
  • Chemical-Resistant Solid Surface
  • Ball Transfer Tops
Butcher Block Hardwood Maple Surface
(Great for Food Prep, General Shop)Butcher Block Top
Plastic Laminated Work Surface
(Our Most Commonly Requested Top Material)Plastic Laminated Workbech Top
ESD Plastic Laminated Work Surface
(Static Control w/ Grounding Hardware)Static Control Plastic Laminated Workbech Top
Cleanroom Plastic Laminated Work Surface
(Sealed above and below to control particulates)
Cleanroom Plastic Laminated Workbech Top
Chemical Resistant Plastic Laminated Work Surface
(Provides protection against harmful corrosive materials)
Chemical Resistant Plastic Laminated Workbech Top
Chemical Resistant Solid Surface Work Surface
(Provides protection against harmful corrosive materials)
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Chemical Resistant Solid Surface Workbech Top



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