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Chair – Laboratory Seating – Model RDM-CH-BTA (Standard Backrest)

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Standard Articulating Monitor Arm Features…

  • RDM Provides a wide array of Seating Solutions for Many Industries.
  • Aluminum Base with Optional Adjustable Foot Ring for Taller Work Surface Applications
  • Seat Size 18.5″wide x 16.5″deep x 3″thick
  • Standard Backrest 14.5″wide x 9.5high
  • Available in Many Styles, including:
    • Basic Industrial Use
    • Laboratory Seating
    • Cleanroom Seating
    • ESD / Static Control Seating
  • Multiple Height Ranges:
    • (L) 17″-22″ for Desk-Height Work Surfaces (28″-33″ Top Heights)
    • (M) 19″-26″ for ADA-Height Work Surfaces (31″-38″ Top Heights)
    • (H) 22″-32″ for Table-Height Work Surfaces (34″-44″ Top Heights)
  • Chair Shown (Default Image w/ Burgundy Border):
    • Manufacturing Model Number: BTA-H-RC-AFP
    • Compatibility: High Bench (H)
    • Recommended User Height: for work surfaces 34″ to 44″
    • Base: Aluminum Base
    • Finish Color: Black Powdercoat
    • Upholstery Type & Color: Grade 2 Blue Vinyl AV106
    • Seat Description: Concave upholstered seat with internal seat board bumperguard; measures 18.5″ wide x 16.5″ deep x 3″ thick.
    • Back Description: Streamlined upholstered backrest with lumbar support and plastic protective panel; measures 14.5″ wide x 9.5″ high.
    • Control Description: Control allows function of the seat height activation and backrest adjustments by means of easily engaged levers which can be activated from the seated position. Seat tilt is fixed at 3.5° rearward while the backrest adjusts 8° forward and 13° rearward.
    • Base Description: Five-legged, solid cast aluminum base with caster-to-caster diameter of 25.6″ and maximum width of 24.4″. T-cross-section legs ensure cleanability, and endure test loads of 1.5-2x BIFMA strength requirements. Features standard 50mm tapered hub (1° 26′ 16″ (Morse) taper) with gauge line elevation of 113mm from the caster insert plane. The base is cast out of UNI EN 46100 aluminum with a robotically polished top surface to ensure quality and consistency.
    • Footring Description: 22″ diameter aluminum foot ring features easy-to-operate hub – push down top of center bushing, adjust footring to desired height, and release to lock into place. Flattened tubular ring is attached with stainless steel screws to polished cast aluminum spokes; spokes have T-cross section construction for easy cleanability and cohesive look for models with aluminum (A / P25), reinforced composite (R / GR) or wide aluminum (W / P28) bases. Recommended for models with seat heights greater than 22 in
    • Caster Glide Description: Two inches in height, with dual soft-wheels. Casters resist movement when the seat is unoccupied. Plastic collar around caster stem to match base. Standard casters have grey tread.

This Chair is a great accessory for our RDM Industrial Workbenches – Other Styles available.


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