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Industrial Light Tables

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Illuminated Table Top Light Tables / Inspection Tables
    - Can be applied to most of our table styles...

Our Light Tables are proudly manufactured in the USA

Drafting Table / Light Table with Tilting Top RDM Industrial Products
Model A-109P-LT-HYD-TILT
Deluxe Light Table with Hydraulic
Tilting Top and Optional
Lighted Panel
Model A-109P-LT
RDM Standard Light Table
(Partial Lighted Area)
Shown with Optional Casters

To get any serious job done in the workplace, you need the proper space to avoid clutter and confusion. However, finding that furniture isnít always so easy, and you end up spending much more than you bargained for on a bad item. Luckily, with RDM Industrial Products, this will never happen to anyone.

We offer an extensive selection of laboratory tables, tilting light tables and industrial workbenches that are worth every dollar. RDM Industrial Products only buys its inventory from companies that are known for their reliability and affordability, which is how weíre able to offer the best products out there for a price that is low and competitive.

With that being said, our staff is here to help you customize the best furniture for your space, giving you the ability to mold any product to your liking. That way, youíll leave knowing you bought something worth paying for. Thatís what RDM Industrial Products are all about.

For more information on our light tables, light panels and industrial workbenches, contact RDM Industrial Products today !!

Small Light Table / Inspection Table Light Table with Bottom Access Service
Model A-107P-LT-CUST
Small Inspection Cart with Light
Panel Shown with Optional Casters,
Containment Curbs & Hydraulic Lift
Model A-109P-LT-CAST
Deluxe Light Table with Optional
Bottom Access Service Panel

Tilting Light Panel - Model LT-100P-VERT   
Model LT-100P-VERT
Tilting Light Panel
Tilts from 0-90 Degrees

RDM: For Light Tables That Actually Deliver

RDM offers a wide array of light tables, for different needs and purposes.

Our aim has and will always be about giving people the furniture solutions that they need and want. As it is, you can rest assured that our table options will not only have the qualities and features that you need, but many other advantages as well!


Here are some additional things that you might want to know:


RDM only makes use of high-grade, high quality materials. That is a fact.


We have always taken pride in providing clients with the best furniture solutions that they have been looking for.

Our products, including our light table for drawing and many other furniture options—are made of industrial components, for added durability. In addition, they have been specifically designed for heavy duty and long term use, in order to ensure that people get the most out of their investment.


Our drafting light tables are equipped with the needed features and qualities, such as:

  • Fluorescent lighting with a dimmable feature.
  • Frosted glass area that can be adjusted to match one’s specific requirements.
  • Different top surfaces to choose from, including chemical-resistant surfaces, as well as plastic-laminated surfaces.
  • Customizable features, depending on your specific preferences or needs.


We offer different table types and models for interested parties, including:

  • Deluxe Light Table with Hydraulic Tilting Top and Optional Lighted Panel
  • Standard Light Table Shown with Optional Casters, Hydraulic Lift & Hydraulic Tilt
  • Small Inspection Cart with Light Panel Shown with Optional Casters, Containment Curbs & Hydraulic Lift
  • Deluxe Light Table with Optional Bottom Access Service Panel
  • Tilting Light Panel that Tilts from 0-90 Degrees
  • Many Other Options

Indeed, when it comes to light tables for drawing or other purposes, RDM is the name to call.

Remember: We are here to help you out. And if you want to enjoy durability, features and many other advantages from your light tables (or other furniture pieces)—give us a call. You can rest assured that we will deliver on what you need.

Click Here for More... (Workbench Photo Gallery)

Our Light Tables are Great for Many Applications,
including Film Inspection, Food Inspection,
Drafting / Tracing, Parts Inspection, X-Ray Review, Etc.

Table Dimensions:
A (Width)
B (Depth)
C (Height-Main)

Lighted Area Dimensions:

Alternate Lighted Area Size:
A (Alternate Width)
B (Depth Front-2-Back)
NOTE:  Maximum lighted area
with full coverage translucent
top would be appx. 5" less in
both directions due to frame.

Top & Frame
See Samples RDM Industrial Products

Quantity Req'd:

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A Few More Sample Configurations of RDM Workstations...
Ergonomic Lift Table with Tilting Top Lift Table with Solid Maple Top Stainless Steel Lift Table w/ Hand Crank Ergonomic Lift Table with Overhead Accessory Boom
- Totally "Customizable" -
Click Here for Blank Drawing
Print & Fax to 408-945-8433
Adobe Systems, Inc. (Acrobat .pdf)
- Enter Required Information at Upper Left...
  Standard Lift Table Features...
  • Designed for Heavy-Duty or Long-Term Usage
  • Frosted Glass area can be sized to match your specific needs (Multiples of 12" for width)
  • Uses Fluorescent Lighting with Dimmable Switch, 40 watt max. ea. bulb.
  • Variety of Top Surfaces available, ranging from plastic-laminated to chemical-resistant solid surfaces.
  • Can be custom built to accommodate any special needs...
  • Standard Sizes:
    • We are the manufacturer - Feel free to specify your custom dimension requirements
      above or choose from the following...
    • "A" - 48", 60" & 72" Width (Right-to-Left)
    • "B" - 30" & 36" Depth (Front-to-Back)
    • "C" - 30" (Sitting "Desk" Height), 34" (ADA/Accessible Height), 36" (Standing Tasks)
    • "D" - 12" to 18"
    • "E" - 18" to 24" (Add 3 1/2" to your under-shelf clearance requirement)

      This model is part of the RDM Industrial workbenches standard models.



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