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Providing Industrial Furniture Solutions for over 30 Years...

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We Provide an Array of Cleanroom Furnishing Solutions...


  Ball Transfer Table Hookup

Our Laboratory Furnishings are proudly manufactured in the USA

Adjustable Height Stainless Steel Table w/ Hand Crank & Casters ESD Static Control Workstation
Model A-107P-SS
Stainless Steel Lift Table
Adjustable Table - 4 or more Legs
(Standard to Heavy Duty)
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Model i-107P-BOOM-ESD
Adjustable Height Tech Table
Shown w/ Optional Static Control
ESD Accessories
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Stainless Steel Vise for Stainless Steel Workbench  Stainless Steel Keyboard Tray for Stainless Steel Work Bench 
Stainless Steel Vise Units
304 Stainless Steel Bench Vise is great for cleanroom, food and beverage industry use.
(Select as Option w/ Table)
Stainless Steel Accessories
Sliding Stainless Steel Keyboard Tray Shown Great for any Stainless Steel Workbench
(Select as Option w/ Table)

Stainless Steel Table Pair  Stainless Steel Lab table 
Model A-109P-SS
Stainless Steel Lab Tables
Stainless Steel Tables
with Pull-Out Keyboard
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Model A-109P-SS
Stainless Steel Lab Table
Mobile Stainless Steel Workbench
with Casters (Wheels)
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Stainless Steel Tech Table with Perforated Tops  RDM Industrial Products 
Model A-109P-SS-RISER
Stainless Steel Table with
Perforated Top(s)
Great for use in cleanrooms.  Shown with removable upper riser (shelf).
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Stainless Steel Table with
Perforated Top(s)
See Unit at Left <-------
(Available for all Stainless Tables)

RDM Industrial Products  Stainless Steel Bench
More Cleanroom Tables
Stainless & Standard
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Cleanroom Seating
Gowning Benches
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Cleanroom Bootie Rack / Shoe Rack Cleanroom Garment Rack / Gowning Rack
Bootie Rack / Shoe Rack
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Garment Rack / Shoe Rack
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Garment Storage Rack Cleanroom Chemical Transport Cart
Garment Storage Rack
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Cleanroom Wire Carts
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Cleanroom Chemical Transport Cart Cleanroom Chemical Transport Cart
Standard (Class 100 or less)
Cleanroom Carts
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Stainless Steel
Cleanroom Carts
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HEPA Clean Air Workstation Gowning Room Locker
HEPA Clean Air Workstations
Laminar Flow Hoods
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Personnel Lockers
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  • Booty / Shoe Racks

    • Also see "Garment & Gowning Racks" below...

  • Cleanroom Cabinets / Laboratory Casework

    • Metro Starsys Cabinet / Casework System

      • Mobile & Stationary Options

      • Engineered specifically for lab environments

    • RDM Custom Manufactured Casework

      • Chemical-Resistant Laminated Cabinets

      • Solid Surface Options (Depends upon chemicals used...)

        • Trespa TopLab

        • Trespa Athlon

        • Epoxy Resin

        • Corian

      • Integral Containment Curbs

  • Garment & Gowning Racks

    • Upright Racks

    • Wall-Mount Racks

    • Economy Racks

  • Gowning Benches

    • Stainless Steel Benches

    • Plastic-Laminated Top (Sealed) w/ metal Legs Benches

  • Wire Shelving

    • Cleanroom Wire Shelving

    • Full-Extension Shelves

    • PC Board Storage Shelving

    • Metro®, Cari-All®...

  • Clean Room Carts

    • Chemical Transport Carts

    • Sanitation Carts

    • Wafer Transport Carts

  • Clean Room Workbenches

    • Stainless Steel Perforated Top Workbenches

    • Stainless Steel Rod Top Workbenches

    • Stainless Steel Solid Top Workbenches

    • Plastic-Laminated Top Workbenches



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