Table Model FR-104P-SP
– Flow Rack Shelf Workstation w/ Split Shelving

Flow Rack Workstation (Adjustable Height Shelves)…

Standard Table Features…

  • Flow Rack Shelf Workstation – A Great Way to Organize and Manage your Parts / Hardware Bins
    • Split-Style Shelving allows for More Flexibility / Customization
  • Channeled rear legs accept many workbench accessories…
  • Adjustable-Height Overhead Flow Rack Shelf or Shelves (Specify Quantity Desired)
    • Standard Shelves are Fixed Tilt at 5-Degree Angle, Positioned Forward
    • Optional Adjustable-Angle for Shelf Tilt
    • Optional Front-to-Back Adjustment
    • Optional Center-Mount Shelf Position (Half Forward & Half Cantilevered Past Rear Tabletop Edge)
  • Adjustable (Front-to-Back) Lamp / Accessory Boom
  • Standard Sizes:
    • We are the manufacturer…
    • Feel free to specify your custom dimension requirements below or choose from the following…
    • “A” – 48″, 60″ & 72″ Width (Right-to-Left)
    • “B” – 30″ & 36″ Depth (Front-to-Back)
    • “C” – 30″ (Sitting “Desk” Height), 34″ (ADA/Accessible Height), 36″ (Standing Tasks)
    • “D” – 12″ to 18″ (Front-to-Back Depth of Upper Shelf or Shelves)
    • “E (Adjustable)” – Delivery Height of 1st Upper Shelf (12″ typ.)
    • “F” – 79″ Overall Height (Standard)
  • Durable Steel Frame Construction w/ Lower Crossmember (Can be used as a footrest)
    • Welded Tubular Steel Frame Connections
  • Adjustable Leveling Feet
  • See our Cleanroom Workbench Section for Electropolished Stainless Steel Tables…
  • Many Top Options to Choose From, Including Plastic Laminate, Chemical Resistant, ESD / Static-Control, Solid Surface, Solid Wood (Butcher Block), Stainless Steel, and More…

This model is part of the RDM Industrial Workbenches standard models.


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