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Our Laboratory Workbenches & Tables are proudly manufactured in the USA

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  • Laboratory Workbench with Suspended Cabinets - A-109P-LAB-PIN-CAB-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-LAB-PIN-CAB – Adjustable-Height Laboratory Table with Suspended Steel Cabinet(s)

  • A-109P-PINInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-LAB-PIN – Adjustable Height Laboratory Table w/ Leg Pins

  • A-109P-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-LAB – RDM Flat Top Laboratory Table

  • A-109P-LTInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-LT – Illuminated Top Light Tables / Inspection Table

  • A-109P-PINInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-PIN – Adjustable Height Workbench w/ Leg Pins

  • RDM-A-109P-SS-CSTR-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-SS-CSTRStainless Steel Flat Top Table with Casters

  • A-109P-SS-PERF-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-SS-PERFStainless Steel Flat Top Table with Perforated Top

  • InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-SSStainless Steel Flat Top Workbench

  • RDM-A-109P-TALL-LWRFULL-CSTR-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-TALL – RDM Flat Top Tall Table

  • A-109P-VD-GRANITEInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-VD-ST – Vibration Isolation Table – Vibration Damping Workbench w/ Heavy Stone Top

  • Model A-109P-VDInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-VD – Vibration Damping Workbench

  • RDM-A-109P-WD-NMInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-WD-NF – Flat Top Wood Frame Table (Non-Ferrous Construction)

  • RDM-A-109P-WD-NMInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-WD-NM – Flat Top Wood Frame Table (Non-Metallic Construction)

  • InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-WD – Flat Top Wood Frame Workbench

  • A-109P-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P – RDM Standard Flat Top Workbench

  • RDM-A-109PDL-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109PDL – RDM Flat-Top Table with Centered Light Boom

  • Economy Workbench A-109PE-01-GreyFrameLtGreyTopInfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109PE – Economy Tech Style Workbench

  • InfoSelect options

    Table Model AR-109P-CLG-DBLRSR – Laboratory Table with Center Shelving Unit

  • AT-107PInfoSelect options

    Table Model AT-107P – Advanced Hydraulic Flat Top Lift Table

  • InfoSelect options

    Table Model C-103P-CNR45 – Corner Unit Table w/ Recessed Front Legs

  • InfoSelect options

    Table Model C-103P – C-Frame Tech Workbench with Recessed Front Legs

  • C-109P-01-WHITE-REDTOPInfoSelect options

    Table Model C-109P – C-Frame Style Workbench w/ Recessed Front Legs

  • ER-108P-7236-3BAY-BOOM-BLUE-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model ER-108P – Equipment Rack Workstation

  • ES-107P-SSTOP-CSTR-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model ES-107P – Cantilevered Ergonomic Lift Workstation

  • F-103P-AL-EXT-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model F-103P-AL-EXT – Aluminum Extrusion Frame Tech Bench

  • InfoSelect options

    Table Model F-103P-AL – Aluminum Tube Frame Tech Bench

  • RDM-F-103P-CAB-UPPR2-BURG-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model F-103P-CAB – Tech Style Workbench with Upper Storage Cabinet

  • InfoSelect options

    Table Model F-103P-CLG – Tech Style Workbench with Six or More Legs

  • InfoSelect options

    Table Model F-103P-CNR – L-Shaped Tech Style Workbench

  • InfoSelect options

    Table Model F-103P-CNR45 – F-Frame Corner Workbench w/ Chamfered Front

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– High Quality Industrial Tables –

We understand how important work tables are. That is why we have made it a point to only provide tables that do not only have the needed features and qualities—but offer many other benefits as well.

We at RDM have always taken pride in providing people with the furniture solutions they need, at very reasonable rates.

Do you need high-quality industrial tables? Don’t worry—we have top-of-the-line work tables that are designed to provide you with the advantages you need and want.

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Our tables are made of high grade industrial components, for added durability. RDM industrial work tables are typically made of stainless steel, seasoned wood and other durable components—in order to ensure that users get to efficiently use their tables for their respective purposes.

Note: Aside from using durable materials, you’ll be happy to know that RDM follows strict construction and manufacturing standards. Our tables are fully welded together, in order to prevent breakage or loosing over time. Hence, if you get RDM tables—you can rest assured that you’re actually getting tables that can last you for a very long time.

Different Options to Choose From:

We offer a wide array of industrial tables, depending on your requirements. We provide tables for light to heavy duty use, as well as table types with additional features—including but not limited to: chemical resistant tables, smooth surfaced light tables, adjustable tables, and many other related options.

Note: If you aren’t sure of the type of table you need, give us a call. We also offer customized industrial work tables, in order to ensure that our clients get the specific features and designs that they truly want.

Dedication to Excellence:

With our over 37 years experience in the field, you can rest assured that we will continue providing excellent, high quality furniture pieces—at the right prices.

Our aim has and will always be about providing people with furniture solutions that actually help. In other words: If you get your furniture from RDM—you can rest assured that you are investing in something that is worth every buck. We guarantee that.

* Note:  OverStock Units are available in certain sizes. See our OVERSTOCK TABLES Page…




A Few Notes to Our Customers:

  • Our workbenches are quality-constructed, utilizing
    fully-welded frame connections, which means…
  •  Economy (Light-Duty) versions are available for
    most industrial workbench models.
  • Not sure what style of industrial workbench you need ??
    Try our Suggested Workbench Options Chart
  • Also, please see our Work Bench Photo Gallery.
  • For Stainless Steel, please see our Stainless Steel Workbench Page.
  • N O    A S S E M B L Y    R E Q U I R E D . . .
    Saving you time and money.

Serving a Variety of Applications:

  • Laboratory Furniture Solutions
  • Lean Manufacturing Solutions
  • Ball Transfer Tables & Tops
  • Chemical-Resistant Tables Surfaces for Labs, Schools, Etc.
  • Cleanroom WorkBenches –
    (Up to Class 1 Electro polished Stainless Steel Tables)…
  • Computer & LAN / WAN Workstations
  • Ergonomic Tables with Manual or Hydraulic Lift
  • Shipping / Receiving WorkBenches, and also Packaging Stations
  • Static Control (ESD) WorkBenches for Semiconductor & Electronics
  • Vibration Control WorkBenches for Sensitive Measuring Equipment

** NOTE: You can describe your special needs on the ORDER / QUOTE WEB FORMS by clicking on the workbench / table images above…
(See Industrial workbenches standard models page for more detail)

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