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A Few Comments from Our Customers...

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RDM Industrial Products, Inc. manufactures and provides an array of quality industrial and laboratory furniture, including support products, to the Advanced Technology, Biotechnology, Electronics, Healthcare, and many other private and commercial industries.   Established in 1977, RDM has been in business for over 35 years.  Our facility is ready to provide your company with the quality furniture products and service you demand.  We specialize in shipping top quality products to locations nationwide on time.

Our company goals are:             Q U A L I T Y  -  S E R V I C E  -  T I M I N G

Below are a few Customer Comments that we would like to share...

  • Hi Lynn, The Table arrived quickly and It was in great condition and I was able to get the table exactly the way I wanted. Customer service was excellent as well. I ordered a 2nd table after that and it has already shipped and is on the way. So I’ve recently ordered 3 more tables and our company is growing rapidly so I will make sure to give you the business when tables are needed. I thank you and your staff for all the time you placed in helping us. I look forward to utilizing RDM in the future. Thanks, Chris

  • Kristi, Hope your weekend went well! The tables arrived a few minutes ago. Tell your welders they should come out here and work for Siemens! Nice looking tables. I am going to send an image of the tables around so the full audience of manufacturing buyers has your contact information. Thanks once again and I’ll call when I pop into the Bay Area.

  • Hi, Yes, they are just terrific! This project should take off by October and if the line grows the way we want more will be needed. Thank you, Tom

  • Yes the fit and finish was perfect... I mean it fit like a glove and was made to the exact specs I listed, please tell Roman he and his guys did great work, and also my regards to Victor for making the design happen...and to you and Kristi for handling my numerous calls. The client is really happy as well.

  • I am not only happy with the LAN workstation built by RDM Industrial Products, Inc.; I am extremely satisfied. I could not have gotten better service, professionalism, design and product knowledge anywhere else. RDM Industries supplied me with a LAN workstation that was built to my exact specifications.

  • It's great! Solid as a rock! Folks who have come over to see it were blown away how rigid it was. Built perfectly to my specifications. Could not be happier!

  • Hi Michele! I wanted to let you know that we received 13 tables and 8 tech Benches yesterday! Delivery, installation went like clockwork. The benches and tables look great! Thanks for keeping the product as clean as possible. It’s a pleasure dealing with you and RDM. :)

  • Lynn, The RDM Flow Hood is probably the only piece of equipment that was purchased for this laboratory upgrade that did not have any problems. The table top is excellent. I am very happy with the quality and service. You guys did very well and I plan to use you in the future as jobs permit. Mike

  • The unit itself is very nice. We appreciate your hard work and the bench will work perfect for our application. I attached a picture of it in our factory protecting our inspection equipment.

  • Hi Lynn, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your customer service and fine product. We just placed the table surfaces into production with no issues. Dimensions were spot on and the packaging, including the crate, was spectacular! By the way, your company is hands down easier to work with than with Formaspace and your lead time is accurately stated/delivered within the time frame quoted. Thanks for the refreshing customer service. We will be doing business with you again!

  • Hi guys, We got the tables and the first one is in place! Very cool and the staff seems to be very happy with how it all turned out! Thanks so much, Gayle

  • Victor, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the flow hood. Most people are impressed with the quality and simplicity of the design. Mike

  • Yes, we received both lab tables and are very happy with quality of work from RDM. The second table to arrive did show some signs of rough travel or movement during shipment. The top shelf of the double riser was slightly lifted and the lower outside legs, on the same end, had slightly bowed in. Our maintenance guy was able to resolve those slight imperfections which I’m sure was due to shipment related issues. The tables are now currently in our new labs and look excellent, and my superiors are happy…so thank you guys very much.

  • I’ve been meaning to write to you and let you know how happy they are with the lift table. It came in great and works perfectly..!! There are other areas that I would love to get these put into. Once a few other priorities get straightened out here then we will be looking into what to obtain. I will contact you for sure when that time comes. Thanks for all your time and help… Have a nice rest of your week..!! :)

  • We are very happy with the order and the product. Can you specify and help us place a new order for a matching corner unit that will turn the two units we have into an L shape. Same frames, Same height counter and shelf, so that we can attach in the corner to the Existing units.

  • We absolutely love it! It is perfect! You guys did a great job accommodating our custom leg placement request (we had to get the table next to a wall that had some exterior plumbing jutting out from the wall). We are so happy with the table that we might be purchasing another custom table from your company in the next few months, something for a microscope.

    The floor manager for our dept. wanted to know how we liked the table; it seems she is looking for some custom tables for the dept. She wanted to know what I thought of your company and I sang your praises. :-)

    The only hiccup in the whole procedure was the actual delivery (I've already mentioned this to Michele when I Iet her know that the table had arrived). For whatever reason the delivery driver did not want to actually bring the table to the final point of delivery, something I've not encountered with other delivery drivers delivering other products. We worked it all out, though, and we got the table to where it needed to be. When we order our next table I'll be sure to ask better questions with regards to delivery, but as I say, it all worked out and we are thrilled with the table.

    We are also thrilled with your timeline. We were pushing a delivery deadline--the whole campus shuts down for two weeks just before Christmas, and we were hoping to get the table before that happened. The table arrived on the last day the campus was open before the two-week shut-down. Not only did you make a great table, you made it in enough time to get it to us before the campus closed, so thanks for that.

    Thanks again so much for everything. I look forward to working with your company again.

  • As always you did a Great Job and got the parts to us in a timely manner.  Thanks Again to your Crew for there Great Service.

  • Thank you for the follow up.  We are happy with the table.  It is exactly what we asked for, no deviations from the drawing.  It was well palletized, arrived safely.

  • I am very pleased with the construction of these benches. They are sturdy and should provide many years of service in the Instrument manufacturing engineering lab.

  • We’ll contact you when the time comes. For what it’s worth, our production table here in our Seattle office has served us very well so far. Great craftsmanship and solid design. Love it.

  • Thank you for checking in with us. The cabinets fit nice with our existing benches. Everything looks good, except for one of the cabinets’ door does not close properly. I believe we may be able to fix it but so far did not have the chance. Other than that everything is good.  Over all we had a good experience and if we will need more lab furniture, we will definitely contact RDM!

  • The Tables are great. We received the new levelers and have been getting good use out of all the tables.

  • WE LOVE our new 5' x 10' bench!!!! We're using it as a composite fabric cutting table which is equipped with a quarter inch cutting pad and 1 inch grid lines. Thanks again for the quality build and service!! Looking forward to doing biz with you guys in the future as we grow.

  • Just what I wanted fast build time and shipping

  • We are very happy with the product and service that we received from RDM. We thank you for your quality and timeliness and would both refer and do repeat business. Our client was very satisfied and that was made possible thanks to the Laboratory Cabinets RDM supplied. We look forwards to doing business again in the future.

  • The carts are great. I was given great service from Kristi every time I have dealt with your company.

  • All, thank you again for helping with the SEA workbenches. I have finally had the chance to see them as I am in Santa Clara this week. These benches have a very “professional” feel and look to them. The build quality and finish is exceptional. The corner units worked out great and allow us to use that area as a central work seating position. These benches were also a great value as they were just slightly more than the “bolt together” option. We will be purchasing more soon!

  • We are very pleased with the table. It arrived in A-one condition and it operates very smoothly in its up and down movements. I would definitely recommend this table to others. Thanks much!

  • Michele is great to work with, give her a giant raise. Give yourself one while you're at it. Then buy everyone a round of beers.

  • I was glad to get this e-mail, as it was a reminder for me to contact you about the order. We were very pleased with the product and the service & we know that the next order will flow just as smoothly...unlike our last supplier! Thank you again for all of your help & a great product.

  • This is the third cabinet we bought like this from you. It is a good quality cabinet.

  • Yes, they worked out perfectly, and my sales guys were happy to get back the carts I "appropriated" from them. The dimensions we decided on are exactly what I needed.

  • Yes, the Academy is very happy with their lab tables. Happy to recommend you.

  • Hello Myra, very happy with the table thank you. It looks good and it is plenty for the load I am putting on it.

  • The table is working out just fine. I was very pleased with the quality of the table as well as the delivery time you were able to make in order for us to meet our deadline. It is good to know that there is a local company that builds these ergonomic tables so we will definitely keep you in consideration for future purchases as our past tables have come from the east coast.

  • I got the table we have the Vacuum chamber installed on it and it fit perfectly. I am very happy with it.

  • Worked out great…thanks for your help.

  • We are very happy and pleased with our custom plastic laminated tops, (tabletops) Every piece fit just fine and exactly as I ordered. My bosses are very pleased with the new improved look over what we had. Look forward to doing future business with your company. Thank you very much.

  • Love the bench, wonderful craftsmanship, packaging, everything. Not really sure why anyone would but from anywhere else. Made in the USA, it still works, it is too bad so many other people just do not get that. Anyway, thank you again. We will be buying more benches for you in the future.

  • The case work was in great condition. It was installed without any difficulty. Thank you.

  • We are extremely pleased with our new lift table. It was everything we needed and the quality is superb. Our technicians are now able to do their jobs more comfortably which we are very grateful for.

  • We love them, just what we wanted.

  • I am VERY happy with the tables. They are perfect for what we needed. Many thanks!

  • Better than I could ever expected. Great quality, detailed, heavy duty. Great job. Thanks.

  • The men and women using the tables really like them and it has greatly increased their ability to perform their job. We are now able to cut the time down a tremendous amount. The previous tables we had took us 3 to 4 cycles to finish a job and with the new ones from RDM we can do it in one cycle. At the present time we can only use one set of three due to space issues. After seeing the ability of the tables and the gain in lead time talks are going on for a dedicated area to set them all up. We feel that the use of all of them in a dedicated shop environment will help the facility in flow. Thank you RDM for building us here at BOEING Charleston, SC some outstanding tables.

  • Very happy, they worked out perfectly. We will definitely keep you in mind the next time something like this comes up.

  • We are very happy with the table! Thank you so much for all of your help.

  • Good morning. We're very pleased with the table. We had a very specific requirement, and you're company was able to provide the perfect solution.

  • The workstation is great. It was a long process for everyone to get the table to us. We appreciate how easy it was to work with you guys to get what we wanted and what was in our budget.

  • We have the “trial” set installed in our application, and have had great results with it. We will most likely be ordering additional sets from you very soon, just not quite sure when that’s going to be. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again.

  • We are delighted with the workbenches. They are very study and attractive.

  • The lab staff are thrilled with the chairs. A vast improvement over what they had.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME - Please browse through our web site and feel free to call us (408-945-8400) with any questions you may have regarding our products or services.  We will gladly provide you with a quote on all items you may be interested in.  Thank you for your time and interest with RDM Industrial Products...

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The RDM Crew !!

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