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Fume Hood Model B-MAX - Modular Unit with Built-in Blower (Exhaust Fan)...

Model B-MAX Fume Hood
Fume Hood with Built-In Blower Motor...


(See features below...)

B-Max Laboratory Fume Hood with Built In Blower

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Ball Transfer Table Hookup


Ball Transfer Table Hookup

  • The B-MAX BenchTop Fume Hood with Built-in Blower is similar in construction to the S-MAX Fume Hood, with added Built-In Fan Unit. It is also designed with 45 degree front fascia to eliminate air turbulence. This unit provides multiple standard and optional features for air control, including optional Add Air (Make-up Air) System. This Fume Hood is designed primarily for non-toxic applications. It is suited for laboratories that require a quick, simple install. The narrow design of the hood allows easier installation by enabling it to fit through the width of a standard doorway opening. Features include:
  • Designed with 45 degree front fascia to eliminate air turbulence.
  • Double Side Wall Construction allows for installation of many service outlets / fixtures.
  • The superstructure is of heavy gauge powder-coated steel.
  • Ideal for most laboratory exhaust application needs.
  • Vertically sliding, laminated safety glass sash with counter-balanced, smooth efficient movement. Aircraft grade cable and pulley system. (Chain sprocket system optional)
  • Adjustable Air Baffles at Top & Bottom for Fine Tuning Air Control Flexibility
  • Removable front bypass panel (Optional louvered panel available for Constant Bypass)
  • Poly resin chemical resistant interior liner, white UL approved material
  • Lower Metal Air Foil (Optional Stainless) allows for smoother air flow and aids in the removal of heavy fumes. Ergo Airfoil (flush with work surface) is available as option.
  • Round stainless steel exhaust duct collar (2 for 96" Hoods)
  • Light switch
  • Two duplex 115v outlets
  • Energy Efficient T8 fluorescent light fixture
  • Electrical Junction Box located at top of hood
  • Easily removable interior access panel(s)
  • No Exposed Steel Fasteners on Interior or Exterior of Hood
  • Modular Construction allows for Easy Disassembly and Reassembly
  • Standard Sizes: (All Units are 36.5" deep x 54.5" high)
    • B-Max300-35 - 35" wide - Interior: 25"wide x 24"deep x 48”high, single 8" collar, 220#
    • B-Max300 - 36" wide - Interior: 26"wide x 24"deep x 48”high, single 8" collar, 225#
    • B-Max400-47 - 47" wide - Interior: 37"wide x 24"deep x 48”high, single 9" collar, 245#
    • B-Max400 - 48" wide - Interior: 38"wide x 24"deep, single 9" collar, 250#
    • B-Max400-58 - 58" wide - Interior: 48"wide x 24"deep x 48”high, single 10" collar, 260#
    • B-Max500 - 60" wide - Interior: 50"wide x 24"deep x 48”high, single 10" collar, 275#
    • B-Max600 - 77" wide - Interior: 60"wide x 24"deep x 48”high, single 10" collar, 300#
    • B-Max600 - 72" wide - Interior: 62"wide x 24"deep x 48”high, single 10" collar, 320#
    • Maximum unit size recommended is 72", since larger size blowers are needed for larger units, raising the ambient sound level to impractical levels during operation.
    • Custom Sizes Available - Enter your dimensions in comment space below...
    Meets ASHRAE 110-1995 testing requirements set forth by ASHRAE. For specific test results please contact your sales representative or the factory. Meets the Federal government’s OSHA standards for safe operation within the laboratory environment. Constructed to meet UL 1805 classification and manufactured from approved materials only.
  • Optional Accessories:
    • Add-Air (Make-up Air) System available as option...
    • Air Flow Monitor Alarm
    • Optional Combination Sash with Horizontal Sliding Doors and Other Configurations available.
    • Pre-Plumbing for Service Fixtures is Optional
    • Fire Extinguisher (Dry Chemical for classes A,B,C & D, U.L. Approved)
    • Remote Service Fixtures:  Air, Vacuum, Gas, Nitrogen, Cold Water, Argon, etc.
    • Built-in Exhaust Fan for models equal to or less than 72" in width
    • 220v Electrical
    • Explosion-Proof Electrical and Lighting
    • Pre-wire electrical to top junction box
    • Alternate Liners:  Stainless Steel, PVC, Fiberglass Resin, Polypropylene
    • Base Storage Cabinets or Table Frame
      • Standard metal Cabinets
      • Standard Melamine or Laminated Cabinets
      • Chemical-Resistant Cabinets
      • Flame-Resistant Cabinets
      • Vacuum Unit Cabinets
    • Velocity Alarm (Digital or Analog)
    • Manometer - Monitors pressure differences.  Allows user to keep track of pressure loss.
    • Static Pressure Gauge - Dial type that senses static pressure within a space. Typically mounted in exhaust duct with gauge mounted on face of hood.
    • Filler Panels and Ceiling Enclosure Panels to Match Hood
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    - Alternate Exterior Options: None Wood Stainless Steel
  - Air Flow Velocity Alarm: NoneDigitalAnalog
    Manometer - Monitors pressure differences
    Static Pressure Gauge
    Deck-Mount Cup Sink (appx. 3"x6")
    Wall-Mount Cup Sink (appx. 3"x6")
    Fire Extinguisher (Dry Chemical for classes A,B,C & D, U.L. Approved)
    - Sash (Door) Options: Vertical Sash (Standard) Vertical Split Sash Combination Sash Horizontal Sash
    - Sash Stop Options: Standard Cam Locking Cam Spring Loaded Pin
  - Electrical:115V Duplex (Standard) 220V Simplex (Single Outlet) 220V Duplex (Double Outlet) 120V GFI Duplex (Ground Fault Interrupt)
    - Specify other Electrical:
    - Lighting Options: Standard Fluorescent Explosion-Proof Electrical & Lighting
    Ceiling Enclosure - Specify Your Finished Ceiling Height:
    Finished Back - For Fume Hoods that are to be placed in center of a room...
Service Fixture Options:
    Air Cold Water
    Vacuum Argon
    Nitrogen - Other:
Natural Gas - Other:
  Fume Hood Liner Options:
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  Base Support Options:
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Chair Options:



1P - Tubular Base, Concave Seat, Backrest with Lumbar Support

1Q - Cast Aluminum Base, Concave Seat, Backrest with Lumbar Resort

Ergonomic Backrest


Compact Armrests

6-way Articulating
Seat Control
Adjustable 20" Foot
Ring (for 1Q Series)
2" Soft Casters for
Hard Floor
Note: Seat Height will be
determined according to
table height input above.
2" Dual Hard Wheel
Carpet Casters
ESD Static Control

1P Series

1Q Series


Note: No Worries - We will suggest options according to the environment you select above...

No Chair(s) Needed

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