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RDM - WorkBench LF-102P (Laminar Flow Workstation)

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STEP ONE  Fill in basic information at left required to process your request.
STEP 2  Select optional features that you would like to add to your unit(s).
STEP 3  Fill in your contact information at the bottom of this page.


Model LF-102P - Laminar Flow HEPA Workstations...
    - Provides a steady stream of clean air over entire work surface (Positive Pressure)


Optional Custom Size:
- Select "CUSTOM" above...

Work Surface Options:

  (Removable Top or Table)

    or Enter Custom Height...

ULPA Filter(s):
          - Higher Filtration
99.9995% efficient @
       0.12 micron.

ESD BASE Package:
       - Best Particulate Control
          - Jack Ports at Sides
          - ESD Air Flow Shield
          - ESD Laminated Top
              w/ Rolled Front
          - Static Dissipative
              Rear & Side Panels
Overhead Air Ionizer
      - Best Particulate Control
          (Dust / Static Control)
       - Ionizes dust particles
           (removes static)
         & keeps them from
         clinging to surfaces
Cleanroom Shroud -
        - Keeps dust from
          collecting on top of unit
Bench-Top Style for
          Existing Table / Cabinet

Double-Sided Access
          (Open both long sides)
Separate Table -
          for Vibration Isolation

Quantity Req'd:

Proceed to STEP 2 below
for Optional Accessories:

M O R E    S T Y L E S    /    I M A G E S    B E L O W    . . .

Clean Air Laminar Flow Workstation

Also Available with Separate Table to Isolate Vibrations.

Click Here for More Table Styles... (Workbench Photo Gallery)
Click Here for 72"Wide Unit...
Click Here for 96"Wide Unit...
Print & Fax to 408-945-8433
Adobe Systems, Inc. (Acrobat .pdf)

Proceed to Submit
A Few Sample Configurations of this Workstation...
RDM Industrial Products RDM Industrial Products RDM Industrial Products Laminar Flow Workstation - Model LF-102P
ESD Jack for Wrist or Foot Strap  Laminar Flow Workstation Air Ionizing Grid  Laminar Flow Workstation Air Ionizing Grid  Custom Closure Panel Detail 
ESD Jack for Wrist or Foot
Strap Typically installed on
both ends of workstation
Laminar Flow Hood
Air Ionizing Grid
Laminar Flow Hood
Air Ionizing Grid
Custom Closure Panel
Options Available
- Totally "Customizable" -
- Enter Required Information at Upper Left...
  Standard HEPA Workstation Features...
  • Our Clean Benches are designed to protect your products by bathing the work area with air that is free of particulate contamination.
  • Energy-Efficient HEPA Fan Filter Unit(s) with Variable Speed Control (2 Total for 8-Foot Unit)
  • High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter: 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 micron
  • Extremely Quiet 50 dBA
  • Snap-In Pre-filter allows for easy replacement and maintenance
  • Plastic-Laminated Main Work surface (Other Surfaces Optional)
  • Durable Polyurethane Paint
  • 1/4" Clear Acrylic Rear & Side Panels
  • Removable, Flexible Front Draft Guide (ESD Static Dissipative available as option)
  • Sealed Task Light Fixture(s)
  • 12' Long 115v Power Cord (Plugs into standard 20A duplex outlet)
  • Standard Sizes:
    • We are the manufacturer - Feel free to specify your custom dimension requirements
      above or choose from the following...
    • Note:  Units below are appx. 72"high with HEPA Filter and Shroud Removed.
    • LF-102P-30 (30"Deep x 30"wide x 86-89"high)
    • LF-102P-3 (30"Deep x 36"wide x 86-89"high)
    • LF-102P-4 (30"Deep x 48"wide (24"sq. HEPA) or 53"wide (2x4 HEPA) x 86-89"high)
    • LF-102P-6 (30"Deep x 72"wide (2x4 HEPA) or 77"wide (3 24"sq. HEPA units) x 86-89"high)
      LF-102P-8 (30"Deep x 101"wide x 86-89"high)
    • Work surface Height as specified by client...
  • Durable Steel Frame Construction
  • Fully-Welded Tubular Steel Frame Connections
  • Many Top Options to Choose From, Including Plastic Laminate, Chemical Resistant, ESD /
    Static-Control, Solid Surface, Stainless Steel, and More...
  • Many Styles Available, Including:
    • Laboratory with Chemical Resistant Solid Surface Tops
    • ESD / Static Control with Grounding Ports & Hardware
    • Cleanroom, for use in Class 100 or Less
    • Heavy Manufacturing with Solid Steel Decks
    • General Use with Standard HPL Laminated Tops Channeled rear legs accept many workbench accessories...
  • Optional Workstation Accessories:
    • Flat Monitor Stand & Keyboard Tray
    • Fixed or Articulating Bin Panel / Bin Rails
    • Utility & File Drawers
    • Storage Cabinets
    • Power Outlet Strip(s)
    • Tool Trolley w/ Balancer(s)
    • Bench-Top Style Unit - For use over your existing table / cabinet surface...
    • ...and many more - please see below...
  • This model is part of the RDM Industrial workbenches standard models.

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Select Additional Features for Your Table(s) Below...

Standard Options (View Options):
Grommet Hole 
- Power Outlet Strip: None 8-Outlet 15-Outlet    
- Casters: None Standard Brakes Locking Swivel & Brakes
Cutting Mat Surface (Self-Healing & Solvent-Proof) Deluxe Adjustable Foot Rest
Sliding Keyboard Tray (Stackable) - Qty.    
- Articulating Computer Monitor & Keyboard Tray None Standard CRT Monitor Flat Screen Monitor
Mouse Tray for above monitor stand...
Horizontal Cable Trough Vertical Cable Ducts
- Modesty/Privacy Panel(s):  NoneBothModesty (Lower)Privacy/Chatter (Upper)
Storage Options:
-  Lower Cabinet: None Half-Depth Full-Depth
-  Lower Shelf: None Half-Depth Full-Depth
-  Drawer Options:
    Note: Painted metal Drawers Match Frame Color...
Lift & Tilt Top Table Adjustability Options:
-  Manual Lift System (Leg Pins):      
-  Hydraulic Lift System:      
-  Tilting Top: None Manual Tilt w/ Pins   Hydraulic w/ Hand Crank    Hydraulic w/ Motor
       ----    Front Ledge Stop:
Chemical-Resistant Workstation Options:
-  Chemical-Resistant Work surface: None Main Top Only Lower Shelf (If Applicable) All Work Surfaces
-  Chemical-Resistant Surface Options: None Trespa Athlon Trespa TopLab Epoxy-Resin
Ball Transfer Workstation Options:
-  Select Transfer Preference: None Specify Your Product:
Pneumatic Pop-up Ball System (Constant Product Movement)
Pneumatic Pop-up Ball System w/ Pop-up Pads
       (Stops Product Motion)
Fixed Ball Transfer System (Constant Product Movement)
Fixed Ball Transfer System w/ Pop-up Pads
       (Stops Product Motion)
Fixed Insert Wheels (Constant Product Movement)
Fixed Insert Rollers (Constant Product Movement)
Pneumatic Pop-up Ball Transfer Strips (Stops Product Motion)
Product Dimensions:
A (Width)
B (Depth)
C (Height)
Product Weight:
Additional Comments:

Click HERE for more options...
Chair Options:

1P - Tubular Base, Concave Seat, Backrest with Lumbar Support

1Q - Cast Aluminum Base, Concave Seat, Backrest with Lumbar Resort

Ergonomic Backrest

ESD Static Control

Compact Armrests

6-way Articulating
Seat Control
Adjustable 20" Foot
Ring (for 1Q Series)
2" Soft Casters for
Hard Floor
Note: Seat Height will be
determined according to
table height input above.
2" Dual Hard Wheel
Carpet Casters

1P Series

1Q Series


Note: No Worries - We will suggest options according to the environment you select above...

No Chair(s) Needed

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