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RDM - WorkBench ER-108P (Equipment Rack Workstation)

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Table Model ER-108P - Equipment Rack Workstation...

M O R E    I M A G E S    B E L O W    . . .

RDM Industrial Products
Compatible with Dell, HP, IBM, Apple servers

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A (Width)

B (Depth)
C (Height-Main)
D (Depth-Rack)
E (Height-Rack)
    30" Standard Ht. = 13U
F (Height-Cab)

Total Rack Bays
     (If Less than Full
       Width of Table)
   (See Image at Right...)
  - Appx. 24"wide each
    for 19" EIA slots...
  - Appx. 30"wide each
    for 24" EIA slots...


Top & Frame
See Samples RDM Industrial Products

Quantity Req'd:

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A Few Sample Configurations of this Workstation...
Equipment Rack Workstation Equipment Rack Workstation 13U  Equipment Rack Workstation Flat Table Equipment Rack Workstation Flat Table
3-Bay 13U Equipment Rack
Workstation w/ Overhead
Storage Cabinet
Close-up of 3-Bay 13U
Equipment Rack Adjustable Rails  
Small Table with Modular 12U Equipment Rack  12U Equipment Rack
(Optional Shelves, Doors, Etc. Available) 

Equipment Rack Workstation  Closeup of Equipment Rack Workstation 13U Bay  Equipment Rack Workstation Flat Table  
3-Bay 13U Equipment Rack
Workstation w/ Full Lower Storage Cabinet
Close-up of 3-Bay 13U
Equipment Rack Adjustable Rails 
Large Table with Modular 12U Equipment Rack  
- Totally "Customizable" -
- Enter Required Information at Upper Left...
  Standard Table Features...
  • Open Frame Architecture Equipment Rack - Accommodates industry standard EIA 19" wide equipment.  24" wide EIA industry standard also available...
  • Durable Steel Frame Construction w/ Lower Crossmember (Can be used as a footrest)
  • Standard Sizes:
    • We are the manufacturer - Feel free to specify your custom dimension requirements
      above or choose from the following...
    • "A" - Width (Right-to-Left)
           - For 19"wide EIA Bays - 48", 60" & 72", 96"
           - For 24"wide EIA Bays - 30", 60", 90", 120"
    • "B" - 30" & 36" Overall Unit Depth (Front-to-Back)
    • "C" - 30" (Sitting "Desk" Height), 34" (ADA/Accessible Height), 36" (Standing Tasks)
    • "D" - 25", 30", or 36" (Front-to-Back Depth of Equipment Rack Bays)
      • Adjustable Depth Mounting Rails
    • "E" - Height of Rack Bays (30" (13U) typ. - Up to 70")
    • "F" - Height of Upper Cabinet (14"typ.) - Optional Item...
  • Fully-Welded Tubular Steel Frame Connections (Base)
  • EIA square hole mounting surfaces - Choice of 10-32, 12-24 or M6 cage nuts sizes.
  • Channeled rear legs accept many workbench accessories...
  • Many Top Options to Choose From, Including Plastic Laminate, Chemical Resistant, ESD /
    Static-Control, Solid Surface, Solid Wood (Butcher Block), Stainless Steel, and More...
  • Many Styles Available, Including:
    • Laboratory with Chemical Resistant Solid Surface Tops
    • ESD / Static Control with Grounding Ports & Hardware
    • Cleanroom, for use in Class 100 or Less
    • Heavy Manufacturing with Solid Steel Decks
    • General Use with Standard HPL Laminated Tops Channeled rear legs accept many workbench accessories...
  • Optional Workstation Accessories:
    • Flat Monitor Stand & Keyboard Tray
    • Fixed or Articulating Bin Panel / Bin Rails
    • Utility & File Drawers
    • Storage Cabinets
    • Power Outlet Strip(s)
    • Tool Trolley w/ Balancer(s)
    • ...and many more - please see below...
  • This model is part of the RDM Industrial workbenches standard models.

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